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As of December 26, 2018

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Terms") is to define the terms and conditions for making available the services of the allsuites-apparthotel.com website (the "Website") or any of its sub-domains, thematic portals or affiliated sites (the "Service") and the conditions for the user's use of the Service. Any access to and/or use of the Website or any of its sub-domains, topical portals or affiliated sites implies the user's acceptance of and compliance with the Terms.

Presentation and features of the Website

The Website presents several hotels and tourist residences, with the details of the corresponding accommodation services that are offered for each of them.

The Website allows the user to view the tourist residences and hotels in which a reservation request can then be made. The Website is a commercial site: its aim is not only to inform the user of the terms and conditions of reservation requests, but also to allow users to make a reservation request online with payment

Website Availability

The Website is available free of charge. It is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with high availability. Technical hazards may occur and prevent the normal operation of the Website for a short period of time, without KARIBA incurring any liability as a result.

Application of the Terms - Access to the Terms

The Terms, in their current version, apply to any access to the Website made between the date appearing at the top of this Agreement and the date of a new version of the Terms. The Terms are electronically archived by KARIBA. The user is invited to print, download and store the Terms on any stable medium of the user's choice.

Website Information

The information provided on the Website is regularly updated, and as such does not constitute any guarantee that any information or price will be maintained over time.


The Website contains links to information on the internet or made available by partners of the residences and hotels which have been expressly authorized.

The user of the Website may not set up a hyperlink to it without the prior and express authorization of KARIBA.

The Website may contain other links to other websites over which the Website has no control. Despite prior and regular checks that KARIBA carries out regarding such links, it declines any responsibility for the content that may be found on these sites.

Finally, KARIBA reserves the right to have a link pointing to the Website removed at any time if it deems it inconsistent with its editorial policy.

Intellectual Property

The content accessible on the Website, regardless of its form: text, logo, brand, photo, etc. (the "Contents") are the exclusive property of KARIBA or its assigns.

The user agrees not to reuse, modify or reproduce any Content, under penalty of counterfeiting, subject to civil and criminal penalties.



KARIBA is in no way responsible for any damage or harm that may result from (i) a malfunction of the internet network, (ii) a malfunction of the user's computer equipment, or (iii) the inappropriate use of content posted on the Website or accessible via hyperlinks on the Website.

KARIBA may temporarily interrupt or suspend access to the Website by operation of law and without notice, in particular in the event of modification or updating of the Contents, without liability on its part.

Governing Law

The Terms are governed by French law.



By using "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" website, it is assumed that you are aware of these Terms of Service (TOS) and accept them without restriction at the time of consultation and its use .
Please note that It is therefore forbidden to act for personal or collective use, in order to damage the reputation or the interests of the following companies by any type of intrusion or fraudulent use of any cause or kind. :  GESTSAINTEX, GESTOCEANIDES, GESTHOTEICH, GESTLAC, Macacha, GESTPARKWAY and GESTDUNKERQUE.


- The trademark "ALL SUITES HOTEL APARTMENT" is operated by different dedicated companies. "All Suites Home" is a registered trademark created on April 30th, 2007 by Groupe Pichet and owned by Patrice PICHET
It is protected by French and international legislation trough intellectual property trademark law.

- The previously quoted companies are specialized in hotel rental including furnished accommodation and leisure facilities. The companies using the trademark "All Suites Home" are:

1. GESTSAINTEX for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hotel MERIGNAC (33700) located 27 Allée Félix Nadar whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 485 261 820 / Code NAF: 5520Z.
2. GESTOCEANIDES for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hôtel La Teste de Buch DE (33260) situated Avenue Gustave Eiffel whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 500017 447 / NAF Code: 6820A
3. GESTHOTEICH for the Hotel All Suites Appart Hotel TEICH (33470) located locality Grange Neuve whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 504 635582 / NAF Code: 5510Z
4. GESTLAC for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hotel Bordeaux Lac (33300) located Rue Professor Jeanneney whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 504 635 798 / NAF Code: 5510Z.
5. Macacha for the Hotel All Suites Appart Hotel BESANCON (25000) located 17 avenue des Montboucons: Besancon registered with Companies under number 533 698 783
6. GESTPARKWAY for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hotel Pau (64000) located Rue de Tiredous whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 517 889 572
7. GESTDUNKERQUE for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hotel Dunkerque (59140) located Freycinet Docks, 1 University Avenue whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: registered with the RCS of Bordeaux under number B 523 049 997
8. GESTORLY for the Résidence All Suites Appart Hotel Orly (94150) located 16 rue du Pont des Halles whose registered office is at Pessac (33) 20 24 Avenue Canteranne: Bordeaux registered with Companies under number B 523049 997
For the purpose of these Conditions of Use, GESTSAINTEX, GESTOCEANIDES, GESTHOTEICH, GESTLAC, Macacha, GESTPARKWAY, GESTDUNKERQUE GESTORLY and are referred to collectively hereinafter "The Company" or "dedicated Companies All Suites Home".

The website "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" is the exclusive property of Groupe Pichet, which operates through its dedicated companies, and reserves the benefit of all rights related.

Groupe Pichet - Communication & marketing Headquarters (known as KARIBA)
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This website is accessible 24 24, 7 days 7, with the exception of cases of force majeure, technical difficulties, computer or telecommunications, as well as during periods of maintenance or update. In these cases including The Companies reserve the right to use all means to alleviate the network disturbances: interrupt at any time, if necessary without prior notice, access to the website, terminate or modify the Site consultation characteristics ; Companies can not be held responsible for the consequences of such deficiencies.
More generally, the Companies reserve the right to make any appropriate changes to the content of the site.
The information provided is only guaranteed the date of update of the site, date mentioned on the home page, the user front beyond this date to ensure the maintenance of the proposed conditions.


3-1. The site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" aims to enable users wishing to reside temporarily in Bordeaux, the Bassin d'Arcachon, Pau, Dunkirk or Besançon on business or leisure, book online rental of a room or a furnished apartment.
For a period of one night or more, residences All Suites Appart Hotel MERIGNAC, Bordeaux-Lac, La Teste-DE-BUCH, PAU, Dunkirk and Rungis and All Suites Hotels TEICH and BESANCON, make available housing vary in size ranging from small studio in a row, to accommodate from 1 to 6 people at most.
Operated by their respective companies, rental management of each of these residences and hotel is provided in compliance with the requirements set out in general terms of rental and booking available on the website. Reservations can be made directly on site, by phone or email.
3-2. Prices displayed on the site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" are inclusive price in Euros, excluding tax, adjustable on site. They correspond to the rate in effect for the period.
Including the provision of water, electricity and television, other services, however, are not included and are optional.
These prices can be adjusted on January 1 of each year.
The Companies reserve the right to propose the reservation of apartments and rooms at preferential rates, in the context of commercial discounts organized for certain periods of the year and in limited special conditions.


4-1. According to law No. 78-17 (as amended) relating to data, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978, and Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the nominative information concerning customers will be an exclusive automated treatment Societies.
Collected and subsequently processed data Societies are those that the user voluntarily transmits via the website registration form. The data collected automatically by the site are the IP address, to the exclusion of all others.
The user is informed that the site is likely to implement an automatic tracing process (cookies).
Customer data will not be subject to any disclosure to third parties unless it has expressly consented at the time of registration, to such disclosure (see reference made on the registration form and e mail prospecting). The customer is however informed that they may be disclosed pursuant to a law, regulation or pursuant to a decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority or, if necessary, for the purpose, for companies, to protect their rights and interests.

Under a right to access, correct or delete personal data, the customer can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newsletter or contact the site manager, by mail, phone / fax or email to the address and the following links:

Groupe Pichet - Communication & Marketing (KARIBA)
20-24 Avenue Canteranne
33608 Pessac Cedex
Tel: / Fax: 05.5. 47.77.25.

If correct, it will be sent to him on request a copy of the corrected information.
Customer data is retained for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes referred to herein.
4-2. The processing of information, including the management of the site's users email addresses has been the subject of prior statements to the National Commission Information and Liberties (CNIL), which issued receipts on 18/05 / 2011 under the number 1507776.


All content included on the website "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" including text, graphics, logos, names, trademarks, designations, tabs, features, images, sounds, data, photographs, and any other hardware or software is owned Companies and by extension the PITCHER Group or their licensors. These contents are protected by the law of intellectual property and are subject to the laws and regulations applicable in the matter.
Companies concede the Customer a free, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and use the site subject to acceptance and compliance with these Terms of Use; All other rights are expressly excluded without the prior written consent of PICHET Group or its companies dedicated All Suites Home.
The user agrees not to use or exploit such content for purposes other than those specified in these Terms of Use. In addition, the Customer is not permitted to copy, download, alter, modify, enhance, edit, distribute, translate, decompile, disassemble, or create one or more work (s) derivative (s) from those contents ( whole or in part) unless this has been expressly and previously authorized by the Company.
The user is informed about the fact that any use or exploitation of all or part of the site content is not expressly authorized by the Group or its PITCHER dedicated Companies All Suites Home is an act of infringement.


A cookie is a small file, unenforceable, created by the server residing on clean computers of Internet users, only read by the server and no effect on other data residing on their machine.
The site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" uses to allow users to save time and easier access to information. The data collected by a cookie is not retained beyond the connection time.
They allow:

    Make you enjoy the full functionality of our website
    To secure our site
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    To remember your preferences

Cookies are under the control of the Internet, which can remove them at any time, by explicitly configuring their browser to refuse cookies. To change your cookie settings:

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The use of your data differs, depending on the online form that you fill. The collected data can be used either automated to give you additional information that meets your needs, either manually to qualify your request and contact you about this. According to the forms , you may be contacted by our sales advisors to offer you our services. After that conversation , then you can , as needed , request information or make a reservation online or by phone.  Our team of sales advisors is here to assist you and answer all your requests for our business. 
As part of the subscription to our newsletter information, you can if you wish to simply unsubscribe from this service by clicking the "unsubscribe" link which will be located at the bottom of each message sent.


Any manipulation made online on the site is information and acceptance by the user of the content of pages browsed. The Companies disclaim any liability for any inaccuracy, involuntary inaccuracy or omission in the presentation of the services and products offered online.
Responsibility Companies also can not be sought for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, break service, or other unintended problems.
It is recalled in this respect that the secrecy of correspondence is not guaranteed on the Internet and that it is up to each user to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software from contamination of viruses or spam circulating on the site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com."
These Terms and Conditions are printable and available from the website "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" at any time.


The hypertext links set up on the site towards the information on the Internet or made available by partners Companies have been expressly authorized.
Companies can not make permanent control of content, they can not be held liable as such, or in the same setting where such content would lack the legal, regulatory or contractual.
Users "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" site can set up a hyperlink to it without the prior express permission of PICHET Group or any of its dedicated Companies All Suites Home.
The hypertext links to other sites does not in any way engage the responsibility of the Company and Group PITCHER, or any other existing or future subsidiary.


These Terms and Conditions of Use, and activities that can be developed on the site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" are governed by French law.
In the event that any of these provisions would be considered illegal or unenforceable by a court, the others remain in force.
In case of non-compliance or violation manifests the above provisions, the user may be subject to civil and / or criminal, under which the Companies reserve the right to seize any useful purpose the competent court.
Whatever the nature and degree, disputes arising from the application of these Terms of Use or simply consulting the site "www.allsuites-apparthotel.com" at the end of which any attempt at settlement would have failed, will be brought in first and second instance before the Courts of Bordeaux, where the principle of competence is recognized (except special award), notwithstanding multiple defendants, appeal or application for interim measures.