General Booking terms


As of October 12, 2021

Article 1 - Scope and location

These general conditions of sale ("GTC") apply in full to reservations made in the following student residences (hereinafter "Residences"), unless specifically stated otherwise.


ALL SUITES STUDY BORDEAUX CHARTRONS, located 204 cours du Médoc, 33300 BORDEAUX, managed and operated by the company GESTCHARTRONS, SARL with capital of 2,500 euros, registered with the Bordeaux RCS under number 821 151 677 and having its registered office at 20- 24 avenue de Canteranne, 33600 PESSAC, whose intra-community VAT number is FR 72 821151677.

ALL SUITES STUDY PESSAC CAMPUS, located 72 avenue Canéjan, 33600 PESSAC, managed and operated by the company GESTNEJAN, SARL with capital of 2,500 euros, registered with the RCS of Bordeaux under number 812 701 886 and having its head office at 20-24 avenue de Canteranne, 33600 PESSAC, whose intra-community VAT number is FR 00 812701886.

ALL SUITES STUDY SACLAY, located 27 boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 PALAISEAU, managed and operated by the company GESTSACLAY, SARL with capital of 2,500 euros, registered with the Bordeaux RCS under number 828 478 099 and having its head office at 20-24 avenue de Canteranne, 33600 PESSAC, whose intra-community VAT number is FR 11 828478099.

ALL SUITES STUDY GRENOBLE, located 6-8 rue des arts et métiers, 38000 GRENOBLE, managed and operated by the company GESTNEON, SARL with capital of 2,500 euros, registered with the Bordeaux RCS under number 835 391 897 and having its head office at 20-24 avenue de Canteranne, 33600 PESSAC, whose intra-community VAT number is FR 89 835391897.

GESTFAC, located 25 rue Thomas Edison, 33610 CANEJAN, managed and operated by the company GESTFAC, SARL with capital of 8,000 euros, registered with the Bordeaux RCS under number 438 533 283 and having its registered office at 20-24 avenue de Canteranne , 33600 PESSAC, whose intra-community VAT number is FR 16 438533283.

Article 2 - Accommodation service and regulations


The ALL SUITES STUDY and GESTFAC residences are student residences, offering furnished accommodation for more or less long-term stays, for professional or leisure purposes, and which are equipped with the necessary equipment for temporary accommodation. . Personal and group services are also made available on an optional basis. These T & Cs apply strictly to any so-called short-term rental and apart from any residential lease. All customers declare that they have read and accepted the GTC without reservation when confirming their reservation. He is presumed to have all the guarantees related to his legal capacity to contract. The customer is solely responsible for the choice of the conditions of his reservation, whether it was made for his own account or that of others, and expressly declares not to act for fraudulent purposes. The short-term rental contract ("Short-term contract") and these T & Cs represent all the booking conditions applicable to Student Residences for any short-term rental. Short-term rentals are permitted for all reservations ranging from one night to 90 nights. The customer will not be able to avail himself of the legal provisions applicable to the residential lease, in particular those relating to the maintenance in the premises. Any domiciliation in the Residence, governed by a short-term contract on a private or professional basis, is strictly prohibited.

Article 3 - Contact details of the residences and timetables

3-1. Contacts

ALL SUITES STUDY BORDEAUX CHARTRONS - Tél : 05 64 69 00 10 - Mail :

ALL SUITES STUDY PESSAC CAMPUS - Tél : 05 64 69 00 20 - Mail :



GESTFAC - Tél : 05 57 89 23 80 - Mail :

3-2. Reception opening hours


To complete the formalities necessary for entering the premises, the customer must arrive before 6 p.m. Departures are before 12 noon.

Article 4 - Booking conditions

The reservation request ("Request") can be made at the reception of the Residence, by phone, by email or on this site ("Site") by completing the form provided for this purpose. The reservation is only valid upon receipt of a written confirmation from the Residence, which will be established according to (i) the availability of accommodation for the type of accommodation and the period required, and (ii) the smooth running of the prepayment process for the stay, if applicable.

Under Article L. 112-1 of the Consumer Code, the customer is informed that payments by check are not accepted. In any case, a credit card number (pre-authorization or imprint, or debit depending on the type of rate reserved) or any other means of payment accepted by the Residence to guarantee the reservation is requested from the customer.


4-1. Booking steps


4-1-1. On-site reservations: the reception service of the Residence will fill out a reservation form electronically with the customer, a document which will include in particular his name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail ("Personal details"), the type of accommodation and the length of stay requested, with optional services (eg linen kit, laundromat, etc.) (together with the “Booking Conditions”). 

If the customer makes his reservation for the same day, the key collection and entry to the premises will take place following, after payment of the price of the stay in full.

4-1-2. Remote bookings

For all reservations made remotely, the chosen residence reserves the right to ask the client to present an official identity document and the bank card used for the booking procedures on arrival.

  • By phone :

Receptions can be contacted at the numbers mentioned in article 3 (price of a local call not surcharged according to the supplier's tariff conditions), or with a general telephone call center, at this number: 0 800 33 9000 (n ° green, free from a landline).

The receptionist or call center agent records the Customer's Booking Conditions. He receives by following within about 24 hours, a confirmation email (or mail or fax) stating that they have been recorded and that his Request is effective.


  • On website :

A form must be completed by computer with the Booking Conditions. The customer receives by following within 24 hours, an email confirming that they have been recorded and that his request is effective.

In all cases, if it is a guarantee by a credit card number only, the reservation will be valid after the card has been checked (fingerprinting or pre-authorization) without automatic direct debit.

Reservations accepted without a credit card number as a guarantee, deposit or prepayment will be kept until the option date communicated during the initial reservation. Otherwise, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

4-2. Special cases

 Requests from 91 consecutive nights: these are long stays which can benefit from preferential rates on the basis of suitable packages, in particular of the "3 months" or "6 months" type. Once the request has been made, the client must complete a specific file and produce several documents justifying his personal and professional situation, as a financial guarantee for a reservation of more than 3 months. No deposit is required in this case during the pre-booking, the customer will be duly informed that his Request can only become effective upon validation of his file.

Group reservations (reservation of a minimum of 10 accommodation units with or without reservation of meeting room, catering service, etc., made by the same entity) are subject to the payment of a deposit of 30% upon confirmation to the date defined by the residence. The balance is required at least 1 month before the arrival date. Partial cancellation free of charge within the limit of 10% of accommodation is possible up to 3 days before the date of arrival. However, the client is informed that more restrictive conditions may be applied during periods of high activity (summer period, trade fairs, events, etc.).

It being specified here that reservations are in no case liable to exchange or resale to a third party, for any reason whatsoever.

Article 5 - Price


The prices displayed are indicated in euros, all taxes included, at the legal rate in force on the date of registration of the Request; under cover of the possible application of exchange fees for bookings made from countries outside the euro zone. They only include the provision of furnished accommodation with water and electricity and do not include tourist tax and optional services.

The rates for housing and other services are reviewed and applicable on January 1 of each year. Available at any time, they are displayed in the Residence and on the Site. The applicable price list is subject to revision during the year, without notice, at the sole initiative of the managing and operating company of the Residence concerned (the "Company"). The contractual price is that in force on the day of the Request.


Article 6 - Terms and conditions of payment

To be accepted, the reservation must be guaranteed by a valid credit card *, and / or have been the subject of a prior credit agreement with the Residence (subject to the agreement of the relevant banking centers), and be preceded by depending on the case, the minimum payment of a deposit or a total prepayment.

Payments made at reception are authorized by cash (except foreign currency), approved holiday vouchers, or credit card. Remote payments are only allowed by credit card or bank transfer.

For stays of 1 to 90 nights at the standard rate, reservations are subject to communication of a credit card number. There will only be an imprint, if applicable with pre-authorization corresponding to the rate of the first night, of the latter without direct debit at this stage. For reservations at reception, the reservation can be guaranteed by any other accepted method of payment.

Whether the reservation is made on site or remotely, the customer must provide his credit card number for imprinting, if necessary with pre-authorization. In all cases, the total (remaining) price of the stay will be invoiced by reception upon the client's arrival; taking into account, depending on the case, the amount of the deposit already paid, which will then be deducted from the amount of the overall invoice to be settled.

* The accepted credit cards are: Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Specific terms and conditions of payment may apply in the event that the reservation was made via another reservation platform such as Booking or Expedia.

For any stay of 1 to 90 nights at the standard rate, the price of the stay will therefore be invoiced in full by reception upon the customer's arrival.

In cases where it has been agreed that payment for a customer's stay would be made by a company that has entered into a commercial agreement with the Company, the customer will, in the event of default of this company, be personally liable for the payment in question.

In order to guarantee the proper performance of the Contract, the customer must make a security deposit of € 500 (five hundred euros) for any stay. This amount will not be cashed or withdrawn at the time of the customer's arrival and will be returned after inventory and inventory, after deduction of repair costs for damage, loss and / or cleaning.

Regarding optional services (for example, breakfast, parking, laundry, linen kit, cleaning), payment will be required as soon as the service is performed.

In the event of non-payment by the customer of all or part of the services from which he has benefited, the Company reserves the right to seek his responsibility by initiating any legal procedure necessary for the recovery of his debt, and if necessary to have the accommodation vacated. without notice or delay.

Article 7 - Modification of reservation


The details of each accepted reservation will be kept until the end of the reservation period, extended if necessary by the applicable limitation period.

For any modification to the reservation made before the start of the stay, the client must:

- If the reservation was made on the Site, make the modification directly on the site using the link contained in the email confirming your reservation,


- If the reservation was made by another booking platform of the Booking or Expedia type, he must follow the procedure indicated by this platform or call their customer service,


- If the reservation was made with the Contact Center, call the said Contact Center on 0 800 33 9000 (toll-free number, free from a landline),


- If the reservation has been made directly with the residence, contact the reception of the residence concerned by email or by telephone via the contact links mentioned in article 3.


In all cases, the change must be made within the following deadlines: until 4 p.m. on the day of arrival for stays of 1 to 90 nights.

Subject to availability and at the discretion of the Residence, the duration of the stay may be reduced or extended at the customer's request, with the price varying accordingly. The Residence has no obligation to keep the client in the same accommodation.

In case of early departure of the customer compared to the date scheduled for the reservation, he must notify the reception in advance, taking note of any price adjustment of his reservation within the aforementioned deadlines. Early departure must be reported and completed before noon to avoid billing an additional night. The customer's billing will be reviewed accordingly, and the applicable price will be that corresponding to the duration of the stay thus reassessed.

Article 8 - Cancellation of validated reservation - no presentation for reservation


8-1. By residence in case of force majeure


In case of cancellation of a reservation validated on the initiative of the residence due to a case of force majeure, a rehousing solution will be offered to the customer or the deposit will be fully returned to him within a maximum period of 15 days after being informed of the cancellation, at the customer's choice.



8-2. By the customer


Under article L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, reservations for stays in tourist residences are not subject to the legal withdrawal period; the reservation of this type of accommodation can notably take place for the same day.

However, a maximum cancellation period is here provided in a conventional manner: notice period on the part of the client until midnight the day before arrival for stays of 1 to 90 nights reserved at the standard rate, at least 14 days for reservations at the special rate from 7 to 29 nights and for stays from 91 nights. The rate from 30 to 90 nights cannot be canceled without charge.

Exception applicable to the ASAH LA TESTE-DE-BUCH residence during the High season - summer school holidays:

  •  Free cancellation up to 15 days before the client's arrival.
  • Cancellation 14 days or less before arrival: 100% of the amount of the stay will be retained.
  • In case of non-presentation of the client or early departure before the planned date of end of stay, the entire amount of the stay will be retained.

In compliance with these deadlines and the specific conditions of sale at the rate reserved, the customer will not be forced vis-à-vis the residence, to any penalty. As part of reservations accompanied by the payment of a deposit, the latter will be fully refunded to the customer (by credit card or bank transfer), within a maximum of 30 days following the date of registration by the residence of his cancellation.

However, for all cancellations of reservations made in less time, the residence, as compensation:

(i) Will keep the deposit or full prepayment, in the cases where it is required, with no possibility of reimbursement.

(ii) Keep the amount equivalent to the cost of the first night for reservations at the standard rate of 1 to 90 nights. It follows that the invoice already paid on site at the reception will not be refunded, and that in the context of remote reservations, which have given rise to an impression or pre-authorization of the credit card, the amount thus considered will be automatically debited from the bank account to be debited.

(iii) Keep the amount equivalent to the cost of the 1st month of reservation for reservations of 91 nights or more, according to criteria defined at the start. It follows that the credit card number communicated on the spot or remotely for fingerprinting or pre-authorization, will automatically withdraw the amount thus considered from the bank account to be debited.



Failure to arrive on the agreed date in the absence of cancellation, will be deemed to be a "no show", which will also imply the retention by the residence of the deposit paid on booking by the customer, or the deduction of 'a penalty, as mentioned above.

The effective date of cancellation will be the date of receipt of this information by reception directly on site, by telephone or any written means: cf. contact links in article 3.

8-3. Special case of reservations at promotional rate


Promotional rate reservations with full prepayment are not cancellable, changeable or refundable upon booking. However, the management of the establishment may, if necessary, grant a modification of the date of stay on a commercial basis, subject to availability at the same price for the period requested.



Article 9 - Obligations of the client during the stay period


The accommodation being made available in a good state of maintenance, the customer agrees in return to use the reserved places and their items of equipment reasonably. He must return the accommodation in the state in which he took possession of it when he entered the premises. Being reminded here that with regard to the Tourism Code, the customer will not be able to report any non-compliance that he would find only during the execution of the stay and not upon his return.

An inventory is given on arrival. The customer must check its accuracy and quality upon arrival and report to the reception any anomaly, missing or damaged item, if any the day after his arrival.

The internal regulations of the residence, displayed on site upon arrival and available for consultation throughout the duration of the stay, being binding on customers, must be respected by each of them. Its non-compliance is a cause of early termination of the Contract; the residence reserving the right to vacate the accommodation in the event of a serious breach of one of its conditions.

During the reservation, the client is informed that the staff of the residence has the possibility, if necessary, to enter the accommodation at any time to ensure maintenance, but also more generally for serious security reasons. In no case may the client change the access system to the accommodation.

When the client leaves, the inventory and the state of cleanliness of the accommodation will be checked by the staff of the residence. Any lack of inventory, damage or degradation, caused in the accommodation by the client, will be billed to him.

Article 10 - Animal regulations


Animals belonging to non-domestic species are not allowed in the establishment.

Specifically concerning the types of dogs likely to be dangerous, attack dogs (1st category) are also prohibited within the establishment. Guard and defense dogs (2nd category) are tolerated within the establishment on the strict condition of being muzzled and kept on a leash by an adult in accordance with article L211-16 of the Rural and Fishing Code maritime.

Guide or assistance dogs are authorized within the establishment in accordance with the law n ° 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

All animals must be reported at the time of booking. Only one animal per accommodation is accepted. For hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed in the breakfast rooms during operating hours.

Animals must remain under the effective control of their owner at all times. In case of degradation or damage caused by the animal, the responsibility of the owner of the animal will be directly engaged.


Article 11 - Termination - sanction - non-renewal by the customer


The Contract will be automatically terminated, without formality and without delay, in the event of serious breach by the client, in particular in the event of conflicting, abnormal and / or inappropriate behavior likely to disturb the stay of the other occupants or in the event of disturbance to the tranquility of the place.

The client must immediately leave the premises and may be evicted, if necessary with the assistance of the police.


Article 12 - Responsibility for residence


The residence meets the requirements of Articles L. 321-1 et seq. Of the Tourism Code. The provisions of articles 1952 and following of the Civil Code, relating in particular to indirect damages, are not opposable to it, being a tourist residence and not a hotel.

However, it cannot be held liable in the event of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Booking Conditions linked to a case of force majeure within the meaning of article 1218 of the Civil Code, by a third party or by the client himself .

In the event of a complaint, the customer may come forward to the reception, by telephone, or in writing via email or fax: cf. contact links in article 3.

Article 13 - Guarantees - General


The Company guarantees the conformity of the services to the Contract, allowing the customer to make a request under the legal guarantee of conformity provided for in articles L. 217-11 et seq. Of the Consumer Code or the guarantee for defects in the thing sold within the meaning of articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code (subject to photos and other graphic reproductions presented on the Site which have no contractual value).

This warranty covers conformity or hidden defects arising from a defect in the design or performance of the services ordered under the conditions and according to the terms defined in the Contract.

Defects and / or defects noted will give rise to rectification within a period fixed by the residence and taking into account the impacted service, or failing this within a reasonable period.

The Company's guarantee is limited to the reimbursement of services actually paid for by the customer and the latter cannot be held responsible or faulty for any delay or non-performance following the occurrence of a case of force majeure.



Article 14 - Cases of access ban to establishments


By validating your reservation in one of the establishments referenced on the Site, either directly on the Site or through dedicated referencing platforms (such as "Booking", "Expedia", without this list being exhaustive), the client expressly declares that he is not the subject of any litigation or litigation, current or past, in one or the other of these establishments, relating to (i) the payment of invoices (stay, para-hotel services) and / or (ii) the enjoyment of the premises (peaceful occupation and in accordance with the destination of the premises and the common areas).

The chosen residence reserves the right to deny the authorization to access the establishment if, despite this declaration, such facts are proven, without prejudice to any refusal of reimbursement which would then constitute compensation for the immobilization of the accommodation (s) reserved.


Article 15 - Mediation of consumption


In accordance with the Consumer Code, the consumer is informed that the residences come under the mediator ATLANTIQUE MEDIATION CONSO whose contact details are: ATLANTIQUE MEDIATION CONSO 5 mail du Front populaire 44200 NANTES -

Before entering the abovementioned mediator, the consumer must justify having previously attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the residence concerned by a written complaint.


Article 16 - Applicable law and settlement of disputes


The Contract is governed by French law.

Unless the situation requires otherwise, in the event of a dispute between the parties, they agree to try to find an amicable settlement.

In the event of non-compliance or manifest violation of a provision of the GTC by the customer, the latter is liable to sanctions under which the Company reserves for any useful purpose, the right to seize the relevant courts.

In the event that one of the provisions of the GTC is considered illegal or unenforceable by a court decision, the others will remain in force and enforceable.